Monday, September 12, 2011


Here are a few updates for ya!

1. I won 2nd and 3rd place at the Will County Fair for my hat and beaded clutch!

2. I am working on two sweaters at one time. Lots of fun.

Sweater #1: February Lady Sweater

Sweater #2: Greenfield Sweater from New England Knits

I just had to have these!!!!

3. The school year is going well. The kids are good (so far) and they are anxious to learn.

4. Finally, last but not least, I am scheduled for a hysterectomy on Sept. 21st. Can you believe it? 4-6 weeks of knitting time while I recover! I am happy for both the operation (good-bye pain and other unpleasant things to gross to mention on my blog) and the knitting time. I just may finish those sweaters!!!!!