Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summertime, Fiber Time!!!

Hello!!!! Yes, I know, long time, right? Well as soon as school was out, I went into hermit phase. I slept, knit, spun, and just relaxed after a long school year. Whew, I needed that. Now that July is here, I must get on the band wagon, and get to fiber work. This is the month in which I do the bulk of my fiber work, and also enjoy all that the Chicagoland area has to offer for summer fun!

So, as you know, I bought a fleece in May. I am done washing it, and I am now flick carding and spinning it. This Leicester fleece is my goal for Tour de Fleece. I want to have it carded and spun by the end of the Tour. Wish me luck! Here's a photo of what is spun so far, and the nice, clean locks:

I have also been reading. I got the Interweave Knits Weekend issue. You know, me and magazines are just lovers. I get them, read them, drool over the patterns, and then I do not knit anything from them. I just LOVE TO LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND READ THE TECH ARTICLES!!!! Weird, right? But, I am now waiting for my issue of KnitScene Fall 2011, and also my copy of Piecework. Now, my love for Piecework is truly a love of my "old soul". I love antiques and historical knitting is just lovely. I love to read about it and study it. One day, I will knit something historic and lacey!

Well, I also just picked up my pre-ordered copy of Little Red in the City by Ysolda!!!! What a wonderful book. I am actually taking my time, and reading it. I never have time to read tech books cover to cover, but, this one! It is so helpful. I might actually be able to knit a full sweater without fear now. Every time I try, it is either too big, too long, to tight somewhere. But, Ysolda's book breaks down sizing, how to get it right, and it all starts with the right measurements. So, I will have my mom, who sews, take my measurements, and I will use them from now on to make sure that my sweaters will be masterpieces; not master disasters!

Finally, I got a copy of Knit One, Knit All by Elizabeth Zimmermann. What can I say? This book is great. I love the garter stitch inspired patterns. They are simple enough for me to work on, and they are just plain beautiful.

I am sure that you can see all of the post its marking important stuff!

I also went to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair on June 24th. I took a spinning class with.... are you ready? Abby Franquemont!!!! YES! I know right? She is wonderful, and such a regular person. Also, she is great with the wheel. Guess whom else I also met, and got him to sign my copy of It Itches? YES, Franklin Habit. I told him I hoped that I was not bothering him and that it was cheesy to ask for an autograph. He said, no it wasn't and that he was honored!!! Such nice folks and they are celebrities too. Well, in the knitting world anyway. I got some stash also. I bought some teeswater locks that are lime green! Ha! I also got two ounces of covered cormo wool combed top. That is a mouth full!

Okay, knitting. I have finished a hat, the Flower Love, Fair Isle Tam. I finally took the full plunge and tackled fair isle. It was fun, and not too hard. I am glad that I did it. Here are a few photos of the hat:

Also, I finished the Skipping Stones Simple Shawlette. I always, ALWAYS have trouble with those damn center yarn overs and stuff. So, my center is, well, off center. But, I don't care! I still love my shawlette. Here it is:

Other than that, the Ladybug is still wonderful, I have lots of spinning to do, and well, I am chillin' like a villain on my vacation. Yeah me!!!!