Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Met Ysolda!!!!!

Hello! Just a quick little note. I went down to Loopy Yarns located at Polk and Dearborn in downtown Chicago, and guess who I met? Ysolda Teague! She is soooooo nice, and, well, normal. She talked with us, and discussed her new book, Little Red in the City. If you buy a book this year, get Little Red! This book is part technique/knitting manual, part pattern book. Wonderful. I was very excited and nervous about meeting her. But, she was so sweet. She also got a hair cut. It is a little pixie cut. She looks like Tinkerbell in retro glasses! I pre-ordered the book, and I cannot wait to have it in my hot little chocolate brown hands! I am working on an Icing Swirl Hat from Whimsical Little Knits 1, so that I can have some Ysolda under my belt.

Also, spinning on my Ladybug is still wonderful. I have spun and plied two skeins so far. It is amazing to me how nice these skeins look. I know that with practice, they will look even better. Here they are:

Not too shabby, huh? Let me know what you think. I am taking a spinning class at Midwest Fiber and Folk Art in June. So, things can only get better! Talk with ya soon!

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