Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello! Kinda Slumped!

Hello. I have been working hard at school, educating America. I have been working so hard, that I have kinda gotten into a knitting slump. Not a "I don't want to knit" slump, but a "Gee, I have no time to knit" slump! Life soooooo sucks! Can't I just stay home a knit my life away? Oops! Was that out loud. we go!!!

What Am I Knitting?

Projects right now are kind of slow. I am still working on my MeMe Sweater for my mother-in-law. I hope to have it finished by Christmas. I have started the sleeves (two on one circ), and I am sooooo anxious to get to the yoke. I am still debating on whether or not to do some color work, or to do just plain bands of color. I will have to play around with color patterns to see if I can come up with something nice, but not difficult.

I have also become engrossed in shawls. I have seen some lovely ones on Ravelry, and I want to knit them all. I have to also learn how to put things in my queue on Ravelry. This way, I can check it and see what I want to knit. Right now, I just have a bunch of patterns sitting around looking at me, with no possibility of being knit. BUT, organization does things to me, so, if I get it together on Ravelry, I will me motivated to work on something. Maybe a KAL to put a flame under my butt? Hmmm?


I have not spun anything too big lately. I just finished up some bamboo. That stuff is slippery! But, the color is beautiful, and it feels so soft to the touch. It is still on the bobbin, because I have to learn how to prep and ply it. So, I've got some research to do.

What I'm Reading

I have read a few new mags when they came out. Interweave Knits Weekend, Knit Simple the holiday issue, and a new mag to add to my collection, Knitting Today. The jury is still out on this one. I have to see at least one more issue to determine if it will be worth the $$$$. I have other mags that I bought and stopped buying because they did not interest me. However, I want very much to give this new mag a chance. Online mags have caught my eye too. Knit Circus is so much fun, and full of great information, and of course, Twist Collective rocks the house. I just have to get brave and begin knitting some of the cool stuff I see in these mags.

I ordered and read Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and I now own all of her books. I dream of going to Knitting Camp and meeting Meg Swanson. I hope to save enough money, and go one day. It is over the summer, so it is perfect! I will be on vacation and everything. I will pray on it. But, I digress...back to blogging.

There is a blog called Knitting Zimmerman. The lady is knitting her way through the Knitting Almanac. Wow, to be so brave (sigh). I am also still waiting for Rachel Herron's new book to come out. It is a sequel to How to Knit a Love Song. Cannot wait!

Knit Events

The only knit happening that I hit after Stitches Midwest was YarnCon in Chicago. This is the city's fiber festival, and it is fun. I shopped and then had lunch with a friend. Believe it or not, I did not buy any yarn! I grabbed up some fiber, and a couple of project bags, but that was it. I know, I am being good. I just cannot see the point in buying more yarn.... until I see something extremely irresistible! Ha!


And finally, for podcasts. I am happy to announce that Chrissy from The Manic Purl Podcast is back in action. I missed her and was happy to see her back. I pray that her wrist will continue to heal, and that she will knit on. Oh, David Reedy of Sticks and Strings is terrific! I love that Australian accent! Crocodile Dundee with knitting needles! Too much; I swoon!

Time to sign off and knit. Once again, sorry for the long break. I hope to be more current in sharing my knitting life. Knit on.