Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Hello!!! I know it has been a few weeks, but, health issues both family and personal took over. I had an emergency root canal, and my son had the stomach flu. He loves me so much, that he shared with me as well. What a good son. But, here I am, and yes, tomorrow is Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day to all of you), and the day after is my birthday. So, this is my weekend. Well, here we go!!!

I found out this week that Wonder Mike of The Fiber Beat podcast, is also on the Y Knit podcast also. I felt somewhat sheepish when I found out, because he did Y Knit before The Fiber Beat. Oh well, I just have a new podcast to listen to. On Belle of the Ball, knitting literature is discussed. A number of great titles were mentioned including A Good Yarn. I was somewhat disappointed to not hear How to Knit a Love Song mentioned. Bummer! Never Not Knitting discusses Icelandic Knitting, and Yarn Craft discusses favorites (tips, books, movies, tools, yarns) of knitting.

On My Needles
Right now, I have a bunch of stuff on my needles. I am still working on Multnomah, but, I have switched to to Berroco Vintage Wool. I just had to use it because the Douglas Fur colorway just called to me. I also started a Pi Shawl after watching Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop. Such inspiration. I am almost done with my Garter Stitch Through the Loop Bowtie Scarf, but, my Morning Frost Wrap is still in the works. I hope to start my summer sweater project on the last day of school which is June 9th!!!! WHOO-HOOO!!!

What am I Reading
The Summer 2010 issue of Interweave Knits has made from my mailbox to my hot little hands!!!! Lovely patterns and a great article on buttonholes. Get one!!!

Knitting Events
Okay, I must register for Stitches Midwest as soon as I am done paying for my emergency root canal. I am also making plans to attend the Midwest Folk and Fiber Arts Fest this summer too. My plan is to stay busy and learn much.

What's New
Okay, as you know, I bought a drop spindle kit and I must say, I am lacking in the drop spindle skills. So, I decided that there had to be a better way to spin. Spinning wheel? Only if I sale a kidney on the black market. Gotta save up for that! However, in my search for a better way to spin, I ran across a kick spindle on Etsy. It is sold by Heavenly Handspinning, and there are demo videos on YouTube. I watched, was fascinated, and ordered one for my birthday. I am excited to try it, and will let you know how it goes. is the web site. Check it out yourself.

Okay, that's it for this posting. I took some pictures of my tiny, little knitting nook in our family room. I adding them. Enjoy.