Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hello and Happy Holidays! Yes, I am working hard teaching 3rd grade, but, I still make time for knitting. But, as the holidays roll in, I feel like I will NEVER FINISH MY PROJECTS!!!! Which ones you say? Well......

1) The MeMe Sweater! It's those damned sleeves!!! They just go on forever, and I just cannot get motivated to finish them. My mother-in-law wants her sweater, I know. She is so sweet about it though. She says she knows that knitting a sweater takes time. God bless her. I pray to finish by Christmas Eve so that she can have it for Christmas.

2) The Rasta Button Cowl for my mom. She decided that she did not want a sweater (wonder why) and asked for a funky, chunky cowl instead. I know, easy, quick knit. But, with that sweater hanging over me, I feel like I won't finish.

Okay, time for a game plan. Work on the sweater EVERYDAY until I finish it. I know I can do it. Hey, man walked on the moon, women in the US can vote, and I can finish that sweater!!!

There is a bit of joy thought. I have decided to make some changes to the blog. I will just ramble on about knitting like I am doing now. This way, I will not feel bad if I forgot to mention a book or something. Also....I FINISHED A HAT FOR MYSELF!!! I finished the Frukttradgtard beret from The Fibre Company.

I did it in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, in their Navy colorway. So cute! I made it in bulky and did some number crunching to make it a bit bigger. I have big curly hair, and I needed the room. I do not know what is next for me, but, once the sweater is done, I will pick a new project to start on.

As far as reading goes, I have a new love: My Kindle! I love it. It is so wonderful. I just go to Amazon.com, look for books that I want to read, buy them and zap! They are ready for me to read, just like that! Now, I must say that knitting books will still be purchased in hard copy. There is just something about looking at all that fibery goodness in color!!! But, all my fiction stuff is headed for the Kindle.

I have also received my copy of the Winter 2010 Interweave Knits, as well as their Holiday Knits Issue. What can I say? Wonderful projects as usual, and cute gift items as well. Go and pick them up; you will not be disappointed.

OH! HOW COULD I FORGET! I will be teaching another knitting class at my job for the other teachers. This time, I will teach them how to knit a hat, in the round. Get this, I will teach them how to use either a 16" needle, or a 24" or longer for magic loop!!! Be still my heart! I just love sharing my craft. I hope the teachers will like the lesson. I even invited the male teachers. Will they come you say? We will just have to wait and see!

Well, I have two weeks off this month, so, I will try my best to blog back by then. I would like to post some New Year's plans. I heard on Belle of the Ball Podcast that there are some Ravelry groups for the new year that sound interesting. I will have to check those out. So, Happy Holidays again, and keep knitting!!!


  1. Debra, after the preview from Knitting Daily, I could hardly wait for my Winter 2010 Interweave Knits. And now that I have it, I simply drool over the Charvel Pullover, Lollipop Cap, Stranded Book Socks, Gloucester Coat and Burnham Wood Capelet. Which to do first I do not know. But I must finish 12 Christmas stockings first --only 6 done so far! BTW, I love your beret!

  2. Of course, I meant Stranded Boot Socks (but there are book sweaters so why not book socks!) And you're correct, knitting a little every day is the way to go. And soon you'll find that it's very habit forming, but in a very good way! Good luck with teaching the teachers. I include a hat in the round in my beginning class too.