Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home From Stitches Midwest

Hello! I am back from my last summer getaway at Stitches Midwest. It was fun. I took a class and a couple market sessions, did some shopping, and stayed overnight. Away from my husband! Away from my kids! I know, mom's paradise, right?

Well, my 3 hour class was instructed by Sandi Rosner, a class called: You Don't Need a Pattern for That! She said that it should have been called Knitters Math, but no one would have signed up for it. The class showed us how, with a swatch and some simple 3rd grade math, we could come up with our own patterns. Now, as you know, I teach 3rd grade, and I expect, with practice, to be excellent at this! Sandi was a great teacher, and I hope to have class with her again at Stitches next year.

I took two market sessions: Continental Knitting, and Slip Stitch Knitting. Both classes were to help me improve my skills. I like slip stitch knitting, because it is color work without the Fair Isle. But, in case I ever decided to do Fair Isle, well, I would need to work with the yarn in both hands. Thus the need for the Continental Knitting class. Enough said!

I bought a few more circs for my collection and some beads to do a beaded scarf pattern in the future. I enjoyed myself, met some nice people (Hello, Tamara!), and I look forward to next year. Well, I go back to work tomorrow for another school year. I have been teaching for 13 years this fall, and I cannot think of another career for myself. I love teaching. Wish me luck this year, and I will blog again once the back to school hub-bub calms down. Oh, by the way, the MeMe sweater is getting along fine. I feel that Elizabeth herself is watching over my progess. I hope to finish it by November. God Bless, and keep knitting!

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