Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hanging Out in Maryland

Hello from Maryland. I have so much to tell. School is finally out, and I am on vacation. Not only have I received my Little Meggie kick spindle, but a Fidelis spinning wheel too!!! I will post pictures when I return home. I am so excited about spinning. So excited, that I just knew that I would find some great fiber here in Maryland and Virginia. But, no dice. I have been so unlucky in the fiber department. I did hit a couple of yarn shops: Woolwinders in Rockville, MD, and Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, VA. Cute shops, lots of yarn, but NO FIBER!!!!! Oh well, I will just have to hold out until the Midwest Fiber Fest in July, and Stitches in August. I hope I can survive.

As far as what's on the needles, I am still working on my Multnomah shawl. I have 56more stitches to go before I am at 229 stitches. After that, I can start my feather and fan border. I have also started a sweater of which the name escapes me. I will make sure to edit this entry once I return home to my knitting nook with patterns and such available at my finger tips.

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